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Neuropsychologicalassessmentmuriellezakpdffree cereell




.. and research methods. (Coon, Murphy, & Hollin, [@CIT0007], p. 1037) The Cochrane Review {#S0002} =================== The Cochrane Review was conducted in two stages, with the objectives to systematically review the quality of evidence for the effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation interventions and to assess the quality of reporting of the trials included. The protocol of the Cochrane Review was published by the Cochrane Rehabilitation Methods Group in 2003 (Rehabilitation Methods Group, [@CIT0012]). Cochrane Reviews are an established source of high-quality, evidence-based reviews of healthcare interventions. A Cochrane Review should not be considered as a high-quality, evidence-based source of healthcare advice. (Cochrane Collaboration, [@CIT0005]) Nevertheless, the Cochrane Reviews are of great value to healthcare professionals and policymakers in their efforts to guide clinical decision-making and to provide better care (Cochrane, [@CIT0004]). The Cochrane Review evaluates the quality of the body of evidence that is available for the intervention that is to be reviewed. The Cochrane Review should not be considered as an evidence-based approach in itself, but merely as a way of informing evidence-based decision-making. The work on the Cochrane Reviews is conducted by a number of Cochrane Review Groups (CRGs), which use a set of systematic methods to evaluate and interpret the evidence for the healthcare interventions that are of interest to the CRG. Stage I {#S0003} ======= The first stage of the Cochrane Review is a literature search to identify all relevant studies of interventions that are to be included in the review. In order to increase the likelihood of finding relevant studies, it is desirable to search databases that are likely to have comprehensive coverage of the intervention of interest, as well as individual databases that are most likely to include the specific types of study that are of interest to the Cochrane Review. A Cochrane Review is necessarily a review of all of the evidence that is available on a healthcare intervention. As such, it is necessary to identify all relevant studies and also to identify the key features of each of these studies. The aim of the stage is to ensure that all relevant studies are identified, and any important features of the studies are flagged for further review by the Cochrane Reviewers. A detailed search strategy for the stage was developed, and the search was conducted in July



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Neuropsychologicalassessmentmuriellezakpdffree cereell

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